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Working in Belgium

This is our guide to taxation in Belgium. You will find everything you need to know, alongside an abundance of information that will be undoubtedly useful when planning to place employees or work within Belgian borders.

Tomgandhi Consulting tax guides provide a summary of practiced taxation rates on income and rules for the tax year, allowable deductions, tax credits and information regarding special expatriate tax regimes. This guide also covers social security and Belgium working visas, highlighting the necessary requirements to work legally in Belgium, with key dates highlighted for tax returns. We specialise in helping to reduce tax and administrative overheads for those working in Europe with companies located throughout Europe. Please contact us with any enquires you may have about working within Belgian borders.

Working in Belgium

Income Tax

You can find the income tax rates for 2014 in relation to Belgium within this section.

Belgium Income Tax

Social Security

This section contains relevant information on Social Security within Belgium.

Belgium Social Security

Working Visas

The employer in Belgium must apply for employment permits on behalf of the employee.

Belgium Working Visa

Management Services in Belgium

Tomgandhi Consulting can take complete control over administration and Payroll when working in Belgium. We can also take full jurisdiction of dealings with the Belgian Tax and National Security Office. Fully specialised in this labour market, we can also offer services through Tomgandhi Consulting BVBA, ensuring legality and helping you to gain the best possible marketplace retention rate. Social Security and Tax are deducted at source, calculated on the tax card basis, submitted for each individual at the beginning of every fiscal year.


Our payroll service can be tailored to your exact requirements, saving your company time and money!

Belgium Payroll


Tomgandhi Consulting BVBA can take over total responsibility for the administration of your payroll within Belgium.