In the drive to increase profits and productivity it's important to focus on core operations and value creation. With non-core activities taking up valuable management time it can be difficult to stay competitive.

Outsourcing to TOMGANDHI CONSULTING LIMITED can help turn those overheads into services that fully support your business objectives.

Working in a collaborative partnership to ensure successful outsourcing and releasing management teams from non-core activities, like finance, HR and IT, can significantly reduce your operational costs.

But these days, outsourcing is not just about managing the “steady state”. The flexibility to respond cost-effectively to change, whether to be first into a new market, ensure compliance with new regulations, or simply to respond to changing market circumstances, is an essential feature of the services we offer.

We have vast years’ experience of providing tailored outsourcing solutions for some of the biggest companies worldwide.

  • We build our partnerships for the long term, based on trust, rather than on the simple transactional services that others offer.
  • Through our wide experience of different industries we have a deep understanding of the particular issues you face and can deliver the innovative business and technology solutions to deal with them.
  • Our blended delivery approach enables us to provide the most cost-effective solution for you.
  • With global account management and support we'll deliver the most appropriate mix of services and support, wherever and whenever you need. Through partnership with TGC, you also benefit from:
    • Our unrivalled delivery track record through our project and programme management excellence
    • Our consulting capabilities in managing business change

We offer you a trusted, innovative partnership for the long term. So, you can manage your costs and risk, while accelerating your business performance and creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Find out more about how to improve business performance through value-based outsourcing: outsource@tgcworld.com