Who We Are

TOMGANDHI CONSULTING (TGC) LIMITED started in 2010 and is now a leader in the next generation of IT and management consulting

TOMGANDHI CONSULTING LIMITED ( TGC) designs, identifies and delivers technology-enabled business solutions that help Global 2000 companies prevail post the aftermath of the recession

TGC also provides a complete range of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and strategic alliances with leading technology providers.

Our assistance span business and technology consulting, application services, custom software development, support & maintenance, IT infrastructure services and business process outsourcing

At a Glance

TOMGANDHI CONSULTING LIMITED ( TGC) is a global IT services company focusing on enterprise solutions and integration services consulting (SAP/Oracle), software development, product solutions for education segment and IT consulting services offering outsourcing solutions to enterprises worldwide. Since inception, TGC has focused on a principle to maximise output for its clients and partners through cost-savings, enhancing productivity and quality.

We challenge industry norms by holding ourselves accountable through our fixed-price commitments and a unique performance-pricing model. TGC was established in the United Kingdom, with its Head quarter at Wembley. We help enterprises globally to plan their investments in technology, design and implement solutions that drive competitive advantage, and deliver or manage critical applications to improve business performance. Based in London, we have years of experience in servicing the clients across Europe and USA.

TGC excellent competencies in IT services listed below:
  • SAP one stop shop Solutions
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Custom Application Development Services
  • Outsourced Product Development
  • Web, Multimedia & Testing Services
  • On Site and Near Source Consulting
  • IT Staff Augmentation Services

TOMGANDHI CONSULTING LIMITED ( TGC ) has an established infrastructure of the latest hardware, software and data communication facilities in India. TGC provides the services of an ideal Offshore Development Centre (ODC) to its esteemed clients for developing projects in most up-to-date technologies, and preferred near-shore partner to European clients with its strong presence at United Kingdom. TGC has a proven track record of delivering successful IT solutions, support services and professional consulting services for its clients in the UK and Asia Pacific.

TOMGANDHI CONSULTING LIMITED ( TGC ) relies on a team of highly qualified professionals with sound and diversified technical skills. Our team are constantly developing software solutions for educational institutions worldwide and are trained to provide offshore, onshore and onsite services. We also provided offshore/onsite support to IT consultants, ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) and ASP’s (Application Service Providers) for software product life cycle management solutions and customised solutions for application and web development.

TOMGANDHI CONSULTING LIMITED ( TGC ) lives up to the client's expectations in providing tailor-made client specific IT solutions and services.

Teams & Quality

“We’re Different.” Almost every agency says they have a special/unique process for reviewing resumes, sourcing candidates, and access to candidates that sets them apart from their competitors. From my experience I’ve not really seen the impact of their “unique” process in the candidates they’ve submitted. Additionally, most agencies don’t appear to have a thorough understanding of their competition. At some point in almost every vendor meeting someone says that they don’t push paper like “everyone else.” I would encourage vendors to have a much more in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape before they make such broad sweeping indictments of their competitors. We don't say we are different but one thing and that is we deliver what is required. “We at TGC Build Relationships.”

We employ qualified and highly experienced engineers and managers across all levels of our organisation. Our team consists of consultants / managers, handpicked from the crème de la crème and are always examined on the latest business trends and emerging technologies that we deliver to our clients

They have in-depth knowledge and understanding of technology. Over the years, we have formed many successful teams that deliver outstanding results for our customers and partners

TGC Team & Delivery Structure

Typical offshore-onsite team delivery structure illustrated below:

Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment over the years, TGC has built a strong foundation of quality. We have refined our organisational structure to ensure the consistency and quality of our software development processes. We specialise in delivering technology-driven business solutions that incorporate the latest methodologies and technologies. All projects undertaken are subject to a very stringent quality-control process.

Our Quality Policy

Our quality culture is based on well-evolved quality systems such as the Quality Management Systems (QMS). The Quality Management System is a comprehensive repository of all departments, Software Development Life Cycle processes. We have set companywide quality objective and our process enables us to collect project metrics and measure the quality objectives from each project, and hence can compare with the planned vs. the actual.

We have a well-defined process to handle requirement changes from customers and manage risks arising due to these changes.

TOMGANDHI CONSULTING LIMITED have also understood the importance of knowledge acquired through experience, utilizing the same in future project implementations. We maintain project database, which contains the details of the projects and domain knowledge, and estimations, etc. All quality systems are available in the Intranet in the respective centres and can be accessed by all people in the organisation. Built over years, these systems have facilitated the creation of a process-oriented mindset in the organisation, which helps us to commit, and consistently deliver, superior quality software solutions.

Each and every solution at TGC adheres to a strictly defined process and quality procedures:
  • Requirements Stage
  • Project Initiation Stage
  • Project Planning
  • Configuration Management
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation

Careers @ TGC

TOMGANDHI CONSULTING LIMITED is a global management consultancy, technological services and outsourcing company. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, TGC collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performing businesses and governments. Find out more about TGC’s different areas of business, specifically in Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing, as well as how they get involved in communities around the world.

TOMGANDHI CONSULTING LIMITED's consultants have an in-depth understanding of business functions, industry trends, systems integration and technology—and, of course, how to help clients achieve high performance. They work closely with TGC’s clients, technologists and services professionals to design, build and deliver innovative solutions that drive higher levels of performance. Our consultants develop deep specialist knowledge in business, technical and functional areas—but more importantly, they know how to create global teams that will pull together the skills and talents they need to meet the client’s needs.

Working together to deliver high performance

TGC is all about teamwork and collaboration—both with our clients and within our vast global pool of talented professionals. To begin a new project, we assemble a team of people that may include consulting, technology and outsourcing professionals.


Consultants may draw upon the knowledge of TGC’s global network of technology professionals, combining their knowledge and experience with business know-how to take on practical programming and technology implementation for our clients. Outsourcing professionals who specialise in a variety of areas including finance, human resources, customer care and IT, may also be part of the team. Our global presence means we can draw these people from all over the world depending on the client’s requirements and the skills needed.

Learn more about Consulting at TGC

Consulting professionals belong to one of three workgroups:

  • Management Consulting professionals focus on strategy and take responsibility for organizational change and business transformation.
  • Systems Integration Consulting professionals are responsible for delivering large-scale, complex programs that marry processes with solution development and technology to enable clients to transform the way they do business.
Working Globally to deliver high Performance-Outsource

Thousands of TGC’s Outsourcing professionals deliver outsourcing services to more than hundreds of clients across a wide range of industries worldwide. Our full spectrum of outsourcing services—from business processes outsourcing to information technology outsourcing—is used as an indispensable business tool to elevate performance.

Outsourcing professionals may work with consultants and technologists to design, manage and implement the day-to-day activities associated with our clients’ key business functions. You might find yourself in a customer-facing position where you will have opportunities to think differently, provide input to improve processes and ultimately deliver better services to clients.

Learn more about outsourcing services at TGC

TGC offers both Information Technology Outsourcing as well as Business Process Outsourcing services. Learn how TGC’s outsourcing services enable us to deliver the increasingly specialized business operations that clients demand while providing varied career opportunities for outsourcing professionals.

TGC offers the full range of outsourcing services—application, infrastructure and business process outsourcing—to help clients achieve high performance.


Technology Consulting professionals are responsible for delivering technology innovation and provide the backbone of our systems integration business.

The sheer scale of our technology capabilities and client engagements differentiates us from most other companies. Many of our clients are global organizations, so we build systems that operate across several countries and even continents, creating the digital infrastructure of business today. We know better than most how to mobilize the right people, skills, alliances and technologies to deliver innovation and results that create high-performance businesses.

Working together to deliver high performance

TGC is all about teamwork and collaboration—both with our clients and within our vast global pool of talented professionals. Passionate about IT, TGC’s Technology professionals deliver innovation and enable high performance by envisioning the future and inventing the next wave of cutting-edge business solutions for clients. So whether you’re seeking the pinnacle of a technical specialization or a broader base of experience, TGC can make it happen.

Learn more about technology careers at TGC

Technology professionals will find rewarding careers in TGC’s four main areas of business: consulting, programming and technology implementation with TGC Technology Solutions, technology roles in TGC’s outsourcing business and internal technology roles.

TGC improves its ranking in Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list.

We form long-term partnerships with clients for whom we manage increasingly specialized business operations, such as finance and accounting, IT, applications development and maintenance, help-Desk services and HR. We not only maintain key business functions for clients, but also constantly seek to improve them to help our clients move ahead of the competition.